TERSANO Lotus® Pro
Cleaning System

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable
Stabilised Aqueous Ozone

Arkomax supply and install the Tersano Lotus® Pro and iClean Mini™ for organisations all over Ireland and the UK. These revolutionary products offer a truly unique cleaning solution like nothing else on the market. Both the Lotus® Pro and iClean Mini™ create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone (SAO™), a solution more effective than bleach yet free from chemicals. It is deadly to germs but proven to be 100% safe and harmless to people and the environment by leading governing bodies across the world.

Sustainable Cleaning

The Lotus® Pro is a permanent fixture that is mounted onto the wall and connected to your power and water supply, enabling you to create Stabilised Aqueous Ozone whenever you need.

At the push of a button, cold water is automatically added to the stabilisation module compartment, which changes the mineral composition of the water. It is this process that allows the aqueous ozone to stay stabilised for longer. The water is then passed through to the main Lotus® Pro unit, where Oxygen and volts of electricity is added, converting O2 into O3. This creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone.


Benefits of the Tersano Lotus® Pro

Tersano is not just another sustainable cleaning solution. This unique system improves health, safety and well-being, while significantly reducing risk and training requirements.

Environmentally Sustainable

  • SAO™ uses just tap water, electricity and oxygen, significantly reducing the number of chemicals entering our rivers, streams and groundwaters.
  • As a reusable product, it reduces the amount of single-use plastic packaging likely to end up in our oceans.
  • Fewer deliveries are required as you only need a cartridge replacement a few times per year.

Save Thousands in Cleaning Costs

  • Eliminates need to purchase multiple chemical products.
  • As a reusable product, it only requires a replacement cartridge a few times per year (depending on how much it is used) so is extremely cost-effective.
  • 80% in cost savings is normal for most businesses.

Safe and Harmless to People

  • Safe for staff – non-toxic environment. Safe for clients, little exposure to chemicals.
  • Converts safely back to o2.
  • You do not have to store toxic chemicals onsite.
  • Eliminates workplace accidents, thus reducing insurance costs

Kills 99.999% of Harmful Bacteria

  • 50% more powerful than bleach.
  • Eliminates germs, odours, stains, mould and mildew.
  • Quickly kills 99.999% of harmful viruses and bacteria including E. coli, Salmonella and MRSA.

Practical and Easy to Implement

  • Instant, on-demand production. Reduces need for cleaning product storage.
  • As a non-toxic, non-hazardous product, no COSHH training is required.

Many Regulatory Approvals

  • Greenseal
  • FDA
  • NSF


Simple. Safe. Sustainable.

  • The patented, SAO™ Dispenser creates Stabilized Aqueous Ozone™ (SAO) on-demand and in high quantities. Fill spray bottles, mop buckets, and even floor scrubbers.
  • No more storing, mixing, or disposing of traditional chemicals. No need to worry about the health effects of chemicals on your staff, customers, or guests - or the corrosive effects of chemicals on the surfaces and equipment you clean. The SAO Dispenser is the simplest, safest, most sustainable alternative to traditional cleaning and sanitizing chemicals.

The New Size of Clean

With the press of a button, the new iClean mini™ instantly converts tap water into a powerful, naturally-occurring cleaning oxidizer that is safer for use around people – yet still tough on dirt, germs and odors.

  • So safe, will not harm eyes or skin if accidentally splashed
  • Quickly, easily remove dirt, grime, stains, odors, mold, mildew, and pesticides
  • Save time and money by no longer purchasing chemical cleaners, sanitizers, and deodorizers
  • SDS Rating = 0-0-0


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